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Wisconsin Crop Consultants

Family-owned and operated, A&J Agronomy uses science and technology to help you produce more with less.

Protect Your Yield

Have your crop scouted by our expert agronomists mid-season.

Our crop consultants can identify nutrient deficiencies, leaf diseases, and insect issues. We can also offer expert advice and help you correct your problems with fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other production enhancing products.

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"I have been pleased with the professionalism, price and services that A&J has offered in both customizing a spray program and agronomy services for our cropland. We are glad that we had A&J
grid sampled our fields to more effectively manage soil nutrients. Based on their performance, I would not hesitate to
recommend them to others.


Your corn determines the amount of kernels it will have by V6.

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