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About Us

It is our mission to provide better prices, better service,
and better farming recommendations to area farmers.

At A&J Agronomy, your bottom dollar is our top priority!

In this tough economic time in agriculture, it is difficult to know what products pay and which ones do not. A&J Agronomy understands what a headache it can be to figure out which products and rates of products are best for your farm. We try new products on our fields to determine if they are products that work and are worth the money on your farm.

At A&J Agronomy, we strive to give the best agronomic advice possible. Whether it be insect damage, crop diseases, or fertilizer advice we give your recommendations based on your field and farm history. We also think outside the box when it comes to solving some tough agronomic issues. Between Aaron, Jody, and Matt, we can figure out the issue and a way to solve it or prevent it from happening in the future.

A&J Agronomy was founded in 2015 by Aaron and Jody Wilhelm.

Aaron Wilhelm
Aaron grew up on his family farm in Fall Creek, WI. He had always planned on taking over the farm and spent much of his youth farming the carpeting in the living room. While reviving the family farm, Aaron worked as an electrician for 10 years. Aaron started farming full time about 12 years ago. He is the equipment operator at A&J Agronomy and has been spraying for 10 years. With his farming experience Aaron brings a practical know how to agronomy conversations.

Jody Wilhelm
Jody grew up on a farm in Southern Minnesota near Mankato. Her parents and brother produce cash crops and beef cattle. After graduating from college at UW–River Falls, she moved back to Minnesota and worked as a field rep at Seneca Foods. Then came a time for a change and Jody moved to northern Iowa to sell crop inputs at a small co-op. After a large merger Jody decided it was, once again, time for a change and headed to Eau Claire, WI to do research for Pioneer Seeds. After meeting Aaron and becoming engaged, they started A&J Agronomy, where she is now an agronomist.

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